8 Dos & Don’ts of Search Audiences

8 Dos & Don’ts of Search Audiences


8 Dos & Don'ts of Search Audiences

The dos and dont's of audiences for Google Ads have changed. Here's how to navigate everything between prospecting and remarketing.

How to Use the AUDIENCE SETTINGS Inside of Google Ads

How to use the advanced Audience settings inside of Google Ads; including strategies for affinity audiences, similar audiences, and in-market audiences.

Google Ads allows you to target specific audiences or use their “observation” mode to adjust bids for specific audiences based on how those audiences are performing inside of your campaign.

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How To Use Google Ads Audiences �� Observation to Optimization

Google Ads Audiences for observation are one of the most under-utilized features around. If you build a new PPC campaign in Google Ads (AdWords) then most people skip past the audience creation stage. This is a big missed opportunity.

In this video I break down the 3 types of audience that utilize Googles data (as opposed to your data, e.g. remarketing audiences) and explain how an in-market audience can help you optimise your Google Ads search campaigns effectively.

From watching this video my hope is that you will no longer ignore the amazing data you can get from audiences and go ahead and start using Google Ads audiences for observation and use the data for optimization!

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Google Ads Help: Understanding optimized targeting

Optimized targeting can help you reach relevant audiences that drive impressions, clicks, or conversions (depending on your campaign’s goal). Using signals (such as audience lists, landing pages, and creatives), we can find high-performing audiences you might otherwise have missed.

If you manage a Google Ads account with a lot of keywords and ad groups, bulk uploads are an easy way to manage changes to your campaigns.
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