The 14 Best Ways to Use UTM Parameters for Conversion Tracking

The 14 Best Ways to Use UTM Parameters for Conversion Tracking


The 14 Best Ways to Use UTM Parameters for Conversion Tracking

UTM codes are great for determining which channels drive the most traffic, but did you know you can use them to track so much more?

How To Add UTM Parameters To TikTok Ads – Effective Tracking Solution

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How To Add UTM Parameters To TikTok Ads – Effective Tracking Solution

How to find your real add results post IOS 14.5 with TikTok ads? You need UTM parameters!

UTM (urchin tracking module) is an effective tracking solution that will improve your TikTok ads results! But you need to know how to add UTM parameters to TikTok Ads first!

If you want to take advantage of this effective tracking solution and learn how to add UTMs to TikTok ads – simply watch the video!


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Best way to setup UTM parameters in Google Ads

There are many ways that you can add UTM parameters to your Google Ads campaign. You can add them manually to each URL behind each ad, use tracking templates, use final URL suffixes, etc.

In this video below, we outline the best practice for implementing UTM parameters behind your Google Ads

How To Setup UTM Tracking Parameters For Meta (Facebook) Ads 2023

UTM Tracking Parameters can help you get more accurate data from your Meta (Facebook) Ads. If you set these up properly, you can find out specifically where your leads are coming from. Even down to the specific ad.


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Dynamic Facebook UTM Parameters – How to Set Up UTM Tracking For Facebook Ads

UTM parameters for Facebook ads allow you to track the performance of you ads using Google Analytics. Once you set up Dynamic UTM Parameters for your Facebook ads, you’ll be able to see granular information inside Google Analytics about which ads are driving traffic, and which ones are leading to conversions.

With Apple’s iOS 14 privacy changes impacting Facebook ad tracking, UTM tracking for Facebook ads is another way to get more insights into the performance of your campaigns to help close the gap created by the changes.

This video will show you how to set up dynamic UTM parameters for your Facebook ads and how to view that data inside Google Analytics.

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