Google Ads Introduces Three New Bidding Strategies

Google Ads Introduces Three New Bidding Strategies


Google Ads Introduces Three New Bidding Strategies

Google has introduced three new bidding strategies for Google Ads advertisers that offer more flexibility than Smart Bidding.

NEW Google Ads Experiments Setup

Google Ads Experiments let you test components of your campaigns to see if an ad variant, bidding strategy, or any other number of variables could help you perform better. In this video, we’ll walk you through the set up process for an Ad Variant Experiment as well as a Custom Experiment to test new bidding strategies. We’ll also show you how to review performance data and determine a winner once your experiment has been running for a while.

0:56 – Quick Recap on the Old Way to Set Up Google Ads Experiments
2:47 – The New Purpose for Drafts in Google Ads
3:37 – Start of New Experiments Flow in Google Ads
3:53 – Experiments Menu in the Left Hand Navigation
4:26 – Google Ads Experiment to Optimize Text Ads Demo
4:53 – Filtering Campaigns and Ads for the Ad Text Experiment
7:00 – How to Create New Ad Variants to Test
8:59 – Quick Overview of Launch Settings for Ad Experiment Test
10:15 – Creating a Custom Experiment in Google Ads
10:29 – Experiment Settings and Filtering for Campaigns
11:49 – Understanding Campaign Structure for a New Custom Experiment Campaign
12:19 – Customizing Your Trial or Experiment Campaign with Custom Experiments
13:16 – Scheduling & Settings for Custom Campaign Experiments
13:43 – Determining Experiment Goals
15:24 – Budget Allocation and Experiment Breakdowns
16:16 – Cookie vs Search Based Experiments
17:28 – Choosing Experiment Date Ranges
18:14 – Enabling Sync Changes Across Base and Trial Campaigns
19:59 – Analyzing Performance of Experiment Campaigns

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Google Ads Bid Strategy Explained

Google Ads offers several bid strategies that are tailored to different types of campaigns. It depends on whether you want to focus on getting clicks, impressions, conversions, or views.

Every single time Google has ad space available, it runs an auction that decides which ads will be shown and how much Google Ads can spend to get you that particular ad space. That is why, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can end up wasting your entire budget on just a few clicks that might not even bring conversions to your business.

Sounds daunting, right?

Don’t worry, as we have you covered. We asked Ilana, our Google Ads expert, to create this video in which she is going to show you how Google gives you a multitude of ways to bid for ads. Ilana will show you how to establish a simple process for that so that you can tackle this as an expert right away.

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00:00 – Introduction.
00:28 – Google Ads Types of Bidding.
01:16 – Google Automatic Bidding.
02:08 – Which Bid Strategy Am I using?
02:50 – Different GAds Bidding Strategies.
08:12 – More Google Ads Information.

How to Choose Right Bidding Strategy For PPC Google Ads Campaigns – Google Ads Tutorial 2023

Most people are confused about which Google ads bidding strategy is workable

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, but choosing the right bid strategy in Google ads is extremely important. If you do not know the right bid strategy for your campaign, you can waste your entire budget without any profit.

If you choose the right bid strategy for your campaign, you can boost your campaign’s performance and make it more profitable.

In this post, we will discuss some Google ads bid strategies and how you can pick the right one for your campaigns.

�� Target CPA

�� Maximize Clicks

�� Maximize Conversions

�� Target Impression share

�� Manual ECPC

First, you need to understand how these bid strategies work, and then you can select the right one.

1⃣ Target CPA (Cost Per Acquisition):

If you want to optimize conversions with a specific amount, targeting CPA is the best option. This bid strategy helps you get down CPA. Google automatically sets the bid for your campaign based on the CPA.

Choosing this bid strategy could be tricky if you don’t know your acquisition cost.

➡️ When you can choose CPA bid:

For the new campaigns, Google does not recommend the CPA bid strategy. Your campaign should have a minimum of 30 conversions before opting for the CPA bid strategy. After implementing this bid strategy, you must give 30 days and compare the campaign performance with the previous month.

2⃣ Maximize Clicks Bid:

Maximize clicks bid strategy is similar to Maximize conversion. However, this bid strategy focuses more on clicks than conversions.

➡️ When You can use maximum clicks bid:

This bid strategy is good to drive maximum traffic if your target is to get maximum traffic by Google ads.

3⃣ Maximize Conversion Bid:

Maximize conversion is a smart and fully automated bidding strategy. The goal of the strategy is to get as many conversions as possible from your daily budget. Google always tries to spend the entire budget during this strategy and avoids setting a shared budget while using this strategy.

➡️ When you can use maximize conversion bid:

When you go with maximizing conversion bidding strategy, it is not required that your campaigns should have historical conversion data. Maximize Conversions bid will try to fully spend your average daily budget, so if you are currently spending much less than your budget, Maximize conversions could increase the spend significantly.

4⃣ Enhanced Cost Per Click (ECPC):

This bidding strategy is a mix of manual action and smartness. While you can set ECPC manually, Google can increase it automatically, where you have a high chance of generating more sales and leads.

➡️ When You can use maximum conversion value bid:

You can use this bidding strategy for scratch campaigns because it allows you to easily spend according to your campaign performance. You do not need large amounts of data, like with target CPA. Therefore, small and mid-size advertisers can safely leverage this strategy across any type of campaign.

5⃣ Target Impression Share Bid:

In this bid strategy, you can give direction to Google about “where do you want to place your ads”, “percent of the impression shares do you want”, and “set maximum CPC bid limit”.

➡️ When You Can Use Impression Share Bid:

This bidding strategy can get you the maximum impression and visibility and is best for reaching specified visibility, awareness, and goals. It could be a good option for your brand campaigns because you can ensure your ad always shows when someone searches for your brand.

Hope this post produced good value for you.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment box!

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6 – Google Ads Course 2021 [Complete Tutorial for Beginners] – Bidding Strategies

This is the 6th video of the Google Ads Professional course and we will discuss about the basic terminologies and Bidding strategy available in Google Ads

There is multiple options in Google Ads for bidding strategies. Broadly we have Manual CPC and Automatic bidding strategies like Impressions share, Maximize clicks, Maximize conversions, Target CPA, Target ROAS, Maximize Conversion value. Each of these strategies are beneficial for each type of campaign and advertiser

We will also discuss about terminology like CPM, CPC, CTR and CPA

0:00 Introduction
0:45 Daily Budget setting
5:29 Bidding Strategies
8:07 Basic Terminologies
18:51 Automatic Bidding Strategies in Google Ads
30:43 Ad Rotation Setting

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If you want to master Google Ads, do watch the whole series from the beginning. This course is designed to take you from basics to the advanced level of Google Ads where we will discuss all types of campaigns Subscribe to my Newsletter:
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The overall contents of this course will be:

1. What is google ads, what all can it do and what all is possible in google Ads

2. How to create a Google Ads account from scratch

3. How to create professional campaigns (All Types) from scratch

4. How to do Analysis, research, Structure campaigns,

5. How to report, analyze and optimize campaigns to generate the best possible results

6. How to integrate Google Ads with other platforms to achieve the best results

This course is designed in order to make the learning process smooth from a beginner to expert level. The trainer has been trained by Google Engineering team on Google Ads and the same flow has been used in this course. Throughout the course, the campaigns have been setup considering a hypothetical FinTech client to make sure there are no gaps

The course will be updated regularly with all advanced features in Google Ads and all types of campaigns.

Google Ads is considered to be mother of all Digital Marketing platforms as it was called Adwords before and was one of the first companies to allow advertisers to show online Ads. Using Google Ads you can run multiple types of campaigns ranging from Google Search campaigns, Gmail campaigns, Display campaigns on GDN and even YouTube campaigns. Google Ads also is a great tool to run App Install campaigns

This course is for students and professionals to have a professional knowledge on Google Ads in order to be able to run successful and profitable campaigns. We will also discuss extensive strategies which have worked in the past for our clients


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