PPC Today – Letting Go of What We Were Taught

PPC Today – Letting Go of What We Were Taught


PPC Today – Letting Go of What We Were Taught

The ways we were all taught paid search have changed dramatically. Here are five examples and what PPC professionals can do now.

How i book 3-5 meetings a day (cold calling SMMA)

Here’s how you cold call to schedule meetings for smma.

Letting Go and Opening Up to New Opportunities #shorts

Come with me on a voyage of self-discovery as we let go of the past and open ourselves to the infinite potential of the future. Time has taught me the powerful art of letting go, and I am now liberated from the burdens of the past.

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The Complete Guide to PPC Negative Keywords [Live Account Walkthrough ��]

Today, I demystify the complexity of Google Ads negative keywords and show you how to use them effectively in your campaigns so you can reduce ad spend and maximize your ROI. I also show you how to create a negative keyword list on a live Google Ads account!

Questions? Leave them in the comment section below.

Negative keyword blog: https://level28media.com/2023/04/21/complete-guide-to-negative-keywords/


0:00 Intro
0:52 What are negative keywords?
2:41 Negative keyword match types
8:35 Negative keywords in action in a live account

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Lessons learned from a FULL year of running Performance Max for ecom & lead-gen | PPC Town Hall 71

From complete enthusiasm to staunch opposition and everything in between, we’ve all now gone through a full year of Performance Max campaigns.

Many advertisers have tested the campaign type, ran experiments with it, and learned a lot in the process.

In this episode of PPC Town Hall, we spoke to Menachem Ani and Andrew Lolk, two PPC experts and practitioners in the industry to understand what they’ve learned from running Performance Max campaigns for a full year.

They’re going to cover a wide range of topics from structuring asset groups to attribution and negative keywords in Performance Max.

Tune in to learn:
– Performance Max lessons for ecommerce from Q4 of 2022
– How to structure asset groups
– Tips for lead-gen campaigns
and much more

Our panelists:
– Menachem Ani, JXT Group
– Andrew Lolk, SavvyRevenue

0:00 Preview
0:47 Fred’s intro
1:52 About the panelists
5:35 Performance Max lessons from 2022 Q4
9:40 Should you only run Performance Max?
21:28 Attribution and negative keywords in Performance Max
26:53 Performance Max for lead-gen
35:20 Results from attaching audiences to Performance Max
40:22 How to structure asset groups in Performance Max?
47:41 Final thoughts

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