The 7 Things You Must Know about the Psychology of Calls to Action

The 7 Things You Must Know about the Psychology of Calls to Action


The 7 Things You Must Know about the Psychology of Calls to Action

Creating a click-worthy call to action isn’t hard. Here are seven ways you can use basic psychology to create more compelling calls to action.

7 Psychology Hacks To Boost Your Sales

In this eye-opening episode of the Selling With Love podcast, host Jason Marc Campbell breaks down seven powerful principles of persuasion and sales psychology, based on the work of Robert Cialdini. Discover the secrets to skyrocketing your sales success through ethical techniques that create genuine connections with clients.

Learn how to leverage the power of reciprocity, social proof, scarcity, authority, commitment and consistency, liking, and the contrast principle to attract more clients and grow your business. Tune in for actionable insights and tips that will transform your sales and marketing efforts while selling with love.

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��Listen out for:
– Understand the 7 powerful persuasion principles
– Learn ethical techniques for sales success
– Utilize Cialdini’s insights for client attraction
– Improve client relationships with psychology
– Transform your sales strategy and grow your business

��️Guest’s Bio
Jason Marc Campbell is the author of Book Selling with Love and host of the Selling with Love Podcast. Jason is an author and a host on Mindvalley. He has worked for this personal growth ed-tech company for 7 years as head of sales. He’s been responsible for million-dollar product launches, handling the PR for a New York Times best-selling book, launching the very first membership platforms, selling thousands of people, one-month-long events, and bringing in top-level authors to be published by the company.

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20 Things Most People Learn Too Late In Life

What nobody ever tells you when you are a wide-eyed child, are all the little things that come along with “growing up.”

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7 Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship

Today we explore the signs you’re in a toxic relationship. If you have a toxic girlfriend or boyfriend, you may not even realize it until it’s too late. Toxic partners can hide their behavior under compliments and other normal gestures.

What Is a Toxic Relationship?
How Can I Tell If My Relationship Is Toxic?
Is Your Relationship Toxic?
Critical Signs of a Toxic Relationship
Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Chief Editor: Tristan Reed
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For Troy:
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This tool will help improve your critical thinking – Erick Wilberding

Explore the technique known as the Socratic Method, which uses questions to examine a person’s values, principles, and beliefs.

Socrates, one of the founding fathers of Western philosophical thought, was on trial. Many believed he was an enemy of the state, accusing the philosopher of corrupting the youth and refusing to recognize their gods. But Socrates wasn’t feared for claiming to have all the answers, but rather, for asking too many questions. Erick Wilberding digs into the technique known as the Socratic Method.

Lesson by Erick Wilberding, directed by Draško Ivezić.

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